Shower Doors: What to Know Before You Buy


Shower doors are designed in such a manner that they don’t only make your space look nice, but also bring elegance to the entire shower area before you think of placing an order online or even walking into a store to make a purchase here are some things you need to put into consideration, whether you want bespoke shower glass doors or any other option:

1.The anatomy of the shower
How exactly does your shower look? This question should ring in your mind before purchasing a shower door understanding your shower allows you to be more creative. Take into consideration whether your shower has a bathtub if so then a sliding door will be more appropriate.

2.The type of glass
Decide on the type of glass that you prefer, textured and translucent will give you the privacy you so desire. Go for thicker glass if you choose to go the frameless shower design way, framed shower design, however, gives you the freedom to select the thickness of the glass you want. Plexiglass is one of the best shower doors because it is scratch resistant and highly durable, but if you love the morning light penetrating your shower as you bathe, you might consider the transparent glass door.

3. Measure twice and buy once.
Be careful while taking the measurements this is to ensure that your shower door fits well,its always advisable that you measure twice for accuracy, You don’t want a scenario whereby you shall have to buy another one because of a slight deviation in measurements, it is, therefore, advisable that you choose a shower door that has a maximum width greater or equal to your shower this will give room for slight errors in measurements.

4. To frame or not to frame.
This is substantially determined by your budget; Framing means that you cut on the cost of the glass, frames cut on the weight consequently cutting on price,some frames also feature a track that taps water for more natural cleaning, there are numerous frames for to choose from elevating your home decor. Flameless shower doors, on the other hand, make your shower look modern and the fact that there is no frame its even easier to do your cleaning, however, these doors tend to be more expensive.

5.Ease of installation
shower doors especially the frame-less one can be challenging to install, the slightest mistake is easily visible, and therefore it is good to follow the manufacturer’s installation guide or ask for expert help, on the other hand, framed doors are quite easy to install although it’s quite advisable to follow the user manual.