Is the Government trying to hinder the UK solar industry?

solar industry

The UK government holds a strong position in supporting the solar industry. The solar industry has been one of the few success stories in the UK’s sustainability sector. This billion dollar industry is serviced by almost 20,000 homes who come from electrical, engineering, science, research, sales or various trade backgrounds.

Fulfilling our need to go ‘green’ and become a little more environmentally responsible, the solar industry is reaping the rewards as our country moves closer to becoming a low-carbon community and economy, with solar panel price UK developments in recent years.

The solar industry has a lot of people to thank for their success namely UK families who took action and the state and federal government for giving them an incentive. In 2010, the UK government embraced solar power, installing more of it in that year than in all other years combined. These record sales equated to a staggering sum of 175,000 individuals installing a solar panel on their homes.

Seemingly withstanding the constant changes in Government programs and policies, the solar industry appears to have been adopted with or without rebates or financial assistance.

Successive British Governments have failed to introduce a price on carbon but despite that householders have opted to invest in solar panels and solar hot water systems as a long-term solution to avoiding skyrocketing energy and water prices. And as bills continue to rise by at least 10% each year, these householders are scheduled to reap all they have sewn and so much more.

While the UK government isn’t at the forefront when it comes to sustainability and protecting the world against climate change, it seems we are slowly trying to get on track. Residents are known for being in tune with their surroundings and extremely supportive of worthy causes and what could be more worthy than the future of our environment?

So if you are looking to become environmentally savvy in 2011, consider investing in solar panels for your home. If we can gain momentum from all our hard work in 2010, we stand to become a little more influential in this space globally.

We are already captivating audiences overseas who are impressed with the quality and design of UK solar panels. There is an emerging demand for them and this may be a real export for UK in the future, especially as most countries will roll-out carbon prices and taxes.

While there is merit in introducing a price on carbon, there are real concerns that this alone will not drive investment in clean energy sources in the short term. It will require complementary measures and we hope that a percentage of the revenue made from the carbon price will be invested back into clean energy to ensure that solar is an option for all.

There are exciting times to be had ahead if all goes well – UK could be on its way to significantly decrease its carbon footprint and building an industry with the intellectual property to drive an export market. This is essentially our year of sustainability – together, we can make it work.